Steven Zaloga,Mark Postlethwaite,Jim Laurier: Panther Vs Sherman: Battle of the Bulge 1944

Panther Vs Sherman: Battle of the Bulge 1944

Author: Steven Zaloga,Mark Postlethwaite,Jim Laurier
Number of Pages: 80 pages
Published Date: 23 Sep 2008
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication Country: Oxford, England, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781846032929
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In this book Steven J Zaloga offers a fascinating comparison of the combat performance of the two most important tanks involved in the crucial fighting of 1944, the Sherman and the Panther. Examining the design and development of both tanks, Zaloga notes the obvious superiority that the Panther had over the Sherman and how the highly engineered German tank was eventually beaten back, not necessarily by the improvements made to the Sherman, but rather by the superior numbers of tanks that the Allies were able to put into the field.Putting the reader into the heart of this battle between quality and quantity Zaloga examines the tactical intricacies of the battles between these two rivals. Using a compelling account of the ferocious fighting in the Ardennes region to explain the successes and failures of each tank he also highlights the fact that a tank can only be as good as its crew, weighing up the impact of low morale, high cost and mediocre crew training on the Panthers superiority. Packed with full-colour battlescenes, technical drawings, photographs, digital gunsight views, extracts from crew training manuals and real combat reports, this book brings to life the titanic battles between the Sherman and the Panther.